Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Newsletter

October 2009
Studio Name Change!!
We are changing our name this year to LaChere's Fab 5 Studio (Senior classes will still keep the Ultimate Dance Force name for your team name). The change will take place slowly. Please continue to write checks to Ultimate Dance Force. We will be doing new studio t-shirts with the new name.
Recreation students: your t-shirts were paid for at registration and you don't need to do anything.
Competition students: we will be keeping our colors, for the parade, you can still wear your UDF T-shirts (we probably won't have the t-shirts in time for the parade anyway).
If you want a new t-shirt, please try on a sample shirt today and fill out the order form at the studio. The shirts will have our new studio name on them.

Ultimate Dance Force Tuition Policies
· There are no tuition deductions for classes not attended.
· All tuition is due the first Thurs. of each month to receive the early bird rate (tuition that you have been assigned)
· If you are late in making a payment, please add $5 to your tuition check
· All returned checks will be charged a $20.00 fee.
· Tuition-shirt, costume, registration, recital and competition fees are non-refundable.
· Monthly tuition is the same for each month even though some months are short and other months are long (they tend to even out and it is easier to keep track of the accounting if there is an assigned monthly rate).
All fundraising money earned can be used for monthly tuition, costumes, competition fees, t-shirts/sweatshirts and shoes. Your fundraising money will go into an account for you to use. Please write a note and put it in the tuition box for how you would like to apply your fundraising money.
Details Meeting Info: Remember the 1st Thurs. of each month we will hold a Parent/Student Details Meeting. Please plan to attend.

Dance Calendar
Sat. Oct. 3rd- Homecoming Parade-8 yrs. & upSat. Oct. 31st- Extra Practice-Competition teams onlyFri. Nov. 21 or Sat. Nov. 22nd Extra Practice-Competition teams only December- Christmas performance March 5th-6th Thanksgiving point competition April 9th – 10th Idaho State ChampionshipsMay 22nd-23rd Nationals at LagoonMay Recital-watch for upcoming date

We will have regular dance classes when school is not in session. Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holiday are the only exceptions.
Please encourage your child to practice everyday.
15 min a day makes a world of difference!
Just a Friendly Reminder
1. Bring a water bottle.
2. Take home everything you bring to dance
3. Throw away any garbage
ISU Homecoming Parade

8 and older can participate.
Please meet on 1st Street behind the studio at 9:00 a.m. R. Jay will be pulling the float with his white GMC truck. Call Sheree (221-5270) if you cannot locate the float.
If you don't have your t-shirt yet (new students) but would like to participate....please wear a plain navy blue t-shirt (with no logos please) and you will be able to ride on the float. You may also wear last year’s UDF shirts as well.
Hair in a curly ponytail with a navy ribbon.
Int, Adv, and Champ dancers will dance in the parade....wear tennis shoes (tap shoes if you want, but the asphalt will probably be kind of rough on your shoes, but you can decide.
Dress appropriately for the weather.
Bring a water bottle.
The float is not allowed to stop to drop off/pick up students along the parade route.
Please be prompt in picking up your dancer after the parade. The pick-up area will be in the Holt Arena parking lot.

Attendance Policy
1. Please be prompt to dance. We have a lot to accomplish and need you in class, on time.
2. If you have to miss class, please notify me & do one of the following:
Get with a fellow class mate & learn what you missed before the next class.
Schedule a private lesson with me.
Video tape what you missed & practice
We will be having classes every Thurs. this month (even when school is not in session).We appreciate all you do to make it to class each week!
COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER: Pick-up your order today. The cookie dough is frozen & needs to be kept frozen until you are able to deliver it to your buyers. Please plan accordingly.

Emails-We have not been able to get the following families emails to work: Geurts, Weston, Adams, Taysom and Giesbrecht If you haven't received any emails from Randy Vawdrey, please let us know.
.Thanks again for your support! LaChere Vawdrey 238-8145


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