Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 2009
Remember:Tuition is due today to receive the Early Bird Rate.
If you pay the first class of the month you will receive the Early Bird rate. If you pay after the first week of the month, please add an additional $5 to your tuition. Reminder-Make checks payable to LaChere Vawdrey, not the Gateway Foundation.
PARADE: The parade was fantastic. Thanks to all those who participated. You did a GREAT JOB! Thanks to all of our parent helpers as well-RJay and Sheree Henderson for providing the float.
Dance Calendar
1. Thurs. Nov. 12th Details meeting- Usually the 1st Thurs. of each month. Due to a scheduling conflict will be held Thurs. Nov. 12th. We will be doing jacket orders at this meeting.
2. Thurs. Nov. 19th- Final Costume Payment Due (invoices will be in your dance letter box-for comp teams only)
3. Fri. & Sat. Nov. 20th-21st Extra Practice for All Classes
4. Thurs. Nov. 27th - No classes-Happy Thanksgiving!
5. Sat. Dec. 12th- Christmas Performance @ the Pine Ridge Mall Show starts @ 10am, dancers arrive @ 9:15 am.
6. Thurs. Dec. 17th- Christmas Party at Deleta
7. Dec. 24th-31st- Christmas Break-no classes
8. Fri. Jan. 22nd-Sat. Jan 23rd Extra Practice
9. Fri. Feb. 19th-Sat. Feb. 20th Extra Practice
10. March 5th-6th Thanksgiving Point Competition
11. April 9th-10th Idaho State Championships-Stephens Performing Arts Center
12. Mon. May 10th- recital (date to follow)
13. May 21st-22nd –Nationals at Lagoon
Thurs. Nov. 12th Details Meeting: This month the details meeting will be postponed until Nov. 12th. Parents, please plan to attend your details meeting. This helps us answer questions and relay important information. Thanks so much!
Nov. 20th -21st Extra Practice for ALL Classes (Comp & Rec.)
Fri. Nov. 20th LaChere’s EP Schedule
4:00-4:45 Mighty Mites-Tonight (Thurs. 4:00)
4:45-5:30 Super Stars-Party in the USA (Thurs.4:30)
Sat. Nov. 21st LaChere’s EP Schedule
8:00-8:30 Elite/Robot Review
8:30-10:00 UDF Stomp
10:00-11:00 Hot Stuff 20’s
11:00-11:45 Stompers Boom Boom Pow
Sat. Nov. 21st Alicia’s EP Schedule
10:00-11:30 Intensity (Thurs. 6:00 & 6:15)
11:30-12:15 Tots (Thurs. 5:00)
Sat. Nov. 21st Jackie’s EP Schedule
10:00-10:45-(Thurs. 4:30 Rec Class)
10:45-11:30-(Thurs. 6:00 Rec Class)
11:30-12:00-(Thurs. Boys Class)
Things to be aware of:
1. Dancers waiting for students or for class need to wait in the waiting area.
2. Please make sure your child(ren) do not play in the parking lot. We want to avoid any accidents. Those waiting for dance, please bring homework, a book, games …etc. to minimize running around in between classes.
3. If your children bring food, please be sure to eat in the lobby area only. Please, no juices or sodas, they cause a sticky mess. Water only.
4. Parents are invited to come and watch/video tape. If your presence or your children are disrupting class you will need to watch in the waiting area.
5. Competition fees will be included in your monthly tuition (except for recreational classes). This will spread out your payments for competition.
6. The monthly competition fees are an estimate. There may be additional costs for competition fees depending on how many routines your team competes & the varying costs of each competition.
7. All students (except for recreation and tots class) will compete the solo program at all 3 competitions.
8. All Int, Adv, & Champ classes will compete one individual event (freestyle, short duet or acapella) at all 3 competitions.
Practice Charts-All Fab 5 dancers will be working on practice charts. Please help your child keep track of practice times so we can chart it.
Remember to Bring a Water Bottle-There is no drinking fountain. We want you to stay hydrated. Please no juice or soda.
Dance Wear -Please wear clothing that you can dance in. Denim pants are too restrictive. Dance pants, stretch pants or shorts work better. Remember to wear shirts that will cover the essentials when you touch the ground. The low wasted pants sometimes ride a little low, especially when we are working on ripples and such. Remember we want to be modest!
COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER- We still have extra boxes of cookies to sell. Please contact Sheree Henderson (221-5270) if you are interested in making more money for tuition, costumes, etc.!
Costume Update
Special thanks to Danese Lothspeich and Teresa Kolt for designing our costumes this year!
1. Payment is due on Thurs., Nov.19th. See your updated invoice.If you have paid for your costumes you will be able to take them home when they are finished.
2. Please label all of your costume pieces when you get them (shirts, pants, shoes).
3. Unless otherwise specified, cookie dough earnings will be allocated to costume payments. Any leftover will remain in your account. Let me know how you would like to use any remaining fundraising money. If you have questions, please give LaChere a call 238-8415.
Practicing Tools
1. Many parents video tape their child’s teacher teaching new steps to help them practice at home. This is a great practicing tool.
2. Solo DVD’s can be purchased for $20.00 to help you practice the solo program. Each solo is performed slow, then fast and then each step is broken down on your DVD. If you would like to order a solo DVD pay your $20 in the tuition box and sign the clipboard with your name and level you would like to purchase. (it usually takes 7-10 days)
Performance Details:
Competition Students-You will be responsible to supply:
1. Black socks
2. Girls: plain black leotard to facilitate costume changes and to alleviate any tummies showing.
3. Girls: Black hair ribbons for your ponytails (unless otherwise specified).
4. Boys: Black belt, black slacks.
Reminder: Some costumes may come with hats, headpieces and extra costume parts or props. You are responsible for keeping track of these! You may want to label them somehow. . .
Recreation Students-You will be responsible to supply:
1. Black pants
2. Black socks
3. Navy hair ribbon
All dancers: Please remember to wear your hair in a curly ponytail and stage make-up when we have performances.
LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio is going green!We have several ways for you to access LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio information! Newsletters and any important information will be available in several different ways:
1. We have a Facebook page! If you are on Facebook and are not already a member of the LFFS page, enter LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio in the search box and request to be a member. Feel free to ask questions and post photos. Thanks to those who have already done so! It is great!
2. E-mail: LaChere has your e-mail address if you listed it on your form at registration. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please write down your e-mail address and give it to LaChere.
3. Our Blog is The newsletter can be accessed from this site.
4. Text! Texting is a quick way to distribute important information, especially during competitions when we are all spread out over the place! If you did not list your cell # and would like to receive text, give your # to LaChere.
T-shirt update:We made a quick, small t-shirt order for those who participated in the parade. Those are the shirts that have come in. All other orders were made later to ensure all those that wanted a shirt could order one. That order was submitted 3 weeks ago. Because we hadn’t heard anything on our order, we called to check on the delay. The company had record of our payment but no record of the order. Somehow they misplaced our order. So, another order has been placed. We hope to have your t-shirts here in the next week or so. We are hoping to have them to pass out during your details meeting on Nov. 12th. So sorry for the delay!