Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas skating party!

Thank you to all of the dancers and families for coming to Deleta for the skate Christmas party! It was fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updated Christmas Performance Schedule

Christmas Performance at the Mall

North Side infront of old Dillards

-Meet @ 9:15 am Show Starts at 10 am

1. New Force-“Robot”-wigs

2. Stompers-“Boom Boom Pow”-Silver, Black and Red Shirts

3. Champ Solos (all Solos-cut together)

4. Boys-Novice Line Solo-Ethan, Wade, Payson, Jake, Jaxon

5. Alicia’s and Jackie’s Int. Solos -Line Solo

Alex Orr, Rachel Brown, Michaela/Payden Hendricks, Shelby Killian, Kade Packer, Madison Lawrence, Kali Giesbrecht, Ryann Henderson, Rachael Bennett, Kelsey Van Buren, Keisha Duncan

6. Super Stars-“ Party in the USA”-Frog Shirts

7. Mallori and Hollin “In the Navy”

8. Mighty Mites-“Tonight”-Pink w/yellow sleeves

9. Intensity-Alicia’s Comp “Best Years of our Lives”-Black and White Shirts-Bethany Adams, Madyson Thomas, Rachael Bennett, Keisha Duncan

10. Jill and Linds “Let’s Dance”

11. Ultimate Dance Force-“Tap Dogs”-Silver and Teal”

12. Jackie’s 6:00 Class Beg Solos (Show &Traditional-Cut Together)-T-Shirts

Weston Sisters, Clay Sisters, Rilee Moser, Maren Stirling, Rachel Carter, Emily Van Buren, Madeline Schow, Maomi Taylor, Kristen Taysom

13. Jackie’s 4:30 Class (Beg line & Show Cut together)-T Shirts

Dredge Sisters, Maggie Moser, Abbie Muhonen,Biorn Sisters, Sadie Stirling, Josie Wright, Ryann Henderson, Kimmie McNabb, Shayla Satterfield

14. Powerhouse-“Jailhouse” Pink and White Striped

15. Alicia’s Tots –“Stanley” –T-Shirts

Bell sisters, Kaylee McMinn, Halle Richards, Ava Hendricks, Abby Satterfield, Ellie Leavitt, Isabel Orr, Laura Harmon, Riley Weston

16. Advanced Solos (All Solos cut together)

17. Alicia’s Rec Team “Best Years of our Lives”-T-shirts Anna Geurts, Kelsey Van Buren, Courtney Lemon, Krystiane Sant

18. All stars-Stop the Music-Tie Dye-Vinyl Black Pants

19. Kimmie’s Beg. Solos-Show and Percussion-Anna Geurts, Kelsey Van Buren, Courtney Lemon, Krystiane Sant, Anisa Satterfield, Brooke McMinn, Taryn McMinn, Nicolette Lothspeich, Emma Watts, Whitney Brown, Shelby Adams

20. Elite-Precision-Orange Shirts

21. Hot Stuff-Hot Honey Rag-20’s

December 2009 newsletter

Dance Calendar

1. Thurs. Dec. 3rd Details meeting-

2. Thurs. Dec. 3rd ORDER JACKETS TODAY

3. Sat. Dec. 12th- Christmas Performance @ the Pine Ridge Mall Show starts @ 10am, dancers arrive @ 9:15 am.

4. Thurs. Dec. 17th- Christmas Party at Deleta (5-7)

5. Dec. 24th-31st- Christmas Break-no classes

6. Fri. Jan. 22nd-Sat. Jan 23rd Extra Practice

7. Fri. Feb. 19th-Sat. Feb. 20th Extra Practice

8. March 5th-6th Thanksgiving Point Competition

9. April 9th-10th Idaho State Championships-Stephens Performing Arts Center

10. Mon. May 10th- recital

11. May 21st-22nd –Nationals at Lagoon

IMPORTANT: Please Read

1. The dates on the calendar are very important. All dancers (except Rec classes, boys and tots) are expected to attend. Please plan accordingly. Please keep both Fri. and Sat. of competition dates available. As soon as I get a Tentative Schedule, I will pass the information along.

2. The extra practices help us polish up for competition. Please make it a priority to come to the scheduled extra classes! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Thurs.Dec. 3rd Details Meeting-

Please plan to attend. This helps us answer questions and relay important information. Thanks so much!

Details Meeting Schedule

Super Stars (Party USA) 4:20-4:30

Mighty Mites (Tonight) 4:50-5:00

Jackie’s 4;30 Rec Class 5:15-5:25

Stompers (Boom Boom) 5:35-5:45

Jackie’s Boys & Alicia’s Tots 5:45-5:55

Hot Stuff (20’s) 6:20-6:30

Alicia’s Intensity/ Rec Class 6:35-6:45

Jackie’s 6:00 Rec Class 6:35-6:45

Allstars and Powerhouse 7:05-7:15

Elite, UDF 8:20-8:30

If you have more than one child or your child is in more than one class, pick a time that would be best for you to attend. We will be taking roll of families that attend the details meeting so we can keep track of who is getting the info. If you are a part of a car pool, please let us know you have received the information.

Jacket Orders DUE TODAY!

1. Try on the sample jackets

2. Decide what size you would like

3. Fill out order form

a. Do you want rhinestones? (extra $13)

b. Do you want a boy cut?

c. Fill out the correct order form.

d. Do you want your name on the front? (extra $5)

e. Fill in what size you want.

f. Make your payment and put it in the tuition box.

4. All payments and orders need to be made on Thurs. Dec. 3rd so the order can be placed to get the jackets in before Christmas.


1. Those who have an account balance of $0.00 will be able to take their costumes home today.

2. If you have a balance and make your payment today, you may take them home.

3. Remember to label each costume part before the performance



*Hair in curly pony tail w/ plain black ribbon (exceptions: Rec students wear navy ribbon, 20’s wear hats- if hats are in -and hair pieces)

*Wear plain black leotard underneath to facilitate costume changes, & keep bellies covered

*Stage make-up

*No jewelry on team dances


*Please do not eat in your costumes. With all of the sparkles your costumes will need to be spot cleaned. Black Pants can be hand washed & line dried. Take good care of them.

*You may want to put dress shields in the armpit area to protect them from sweat

*Wear black socks

*Polish tap shoes

Rec Students:

*Remember to wear black pants, black socks navy blue hair ribbon and your studio t-shirt to perform in. (Exception: Boys class wear denim pants & no ribbon)

Christmas Performance at the Mall

North Side infront of old Dillards

-Meet @ 9:15 am Show Starts at 10 am

1. New Force-Robot

2. Stompers-Boom Boom Pow

3. Champ Solos (all Solos-cut together)

4. Boys-Novice Line Solo

5. Jackie’s Int. Solos -Line Solo

6. Super Stars Party in the USA

7. Mallori and Hollin “In the Navy”

8. Mighty Mites-Tonight

9. Intensity-Alicia’s Comp Best Days of our Lives

10. Jill and Linds “Let’s Dance”

11. Ultimate Dance Force-Tap Dogs

12. Jackie’s 6:00 Class(Show &Traditional-Cut Together)

13. Jackie’s 4:30 Class (Beg line & Show Cut together)

14. Powerhouse-Jailhouse

15. Tots –Stanley

16. Advanced Solos (All Solos cut together)

17. Alicia’s Rec Team Best Days of our Lives

18. All stars-Stop the Music-Tie Dye-Vinyl Black Pants

19. Alicia’s Combined (Rec/Comp) Beg. Solos-Line

20. Elite-Precision-Orange Shirts

21. Hot Stuff-Hot Honey Rag-20’s

Team Moms-Could you help by:

*Gathering your team @ 9:15 am

*Practicing your team before the show

*Help them get on and off of the stage

*Make sure your dancers make it back to their family

Thurs., Dec. 17th Party at Deleta 5pm-7pm

Instead of bringing a $3-$5 gift this year for the gift exchange…we are going to celebrate at Deleta. Families are invited to come. The cost is


$14.00/Immediate Family

$2 extra for blades

$2.50 /game for laser tag

$3.50 Big Toy

Combo Deals:

$5 Skating , 1 game of Laser Tag & Roller Blades

$5 Skating and Big Toy

$5 Big Toy and 1 game of Laser Tag

*You might want to bring any spare change for air hockey, ski bowl, and other fun activities.

*Non-skating parents can also get in for free. (Parents, we ask that you accompany your children under the age of 10).

* Please sign up for something to bring. 2 liter drink, cupcakes(12), paper cups (12), or napkin (12).

We will split the sign ups for our 2 parties. If you sign up for something for the Christmas party than you won’t need to sign up for something @ the end of the year party J

TEAM MOMS:Could you call & remind your dancers of the party, what time to meet, where to meet, and what to bring the week prior to our party?

Thanks for all of your help!


Believe it or not, it is that time again. Thanksgiving Point competition is March 5th and 6th (if you are involved in music festival at ISU you might want to see if your music teacher can schedule you to do the “make-up” festival so you won’t have to miss anything-that is what our family is doing.) Hotel Info for Thanksgiving Point:

Best Western Timpanogos Inn Lehi, UT

Rooms for $69/night
I15 Exit 279-195 South 850 East, Lehi, UT 84043
(801) 768-1400
Hampton Inn Lehi, Ut
Rooms for $79/night

3576 North Maple Loop, Lehi –(801) 766-1186

LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio is going green! We have several ways for you to access LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio information! Newsletters and any important information will be available in several different ways:

We have a Facebook page! If you are on Facebook and are not already a member of the LFFS page, enter LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio in the search box and request to be a member. Feel free to ask questions and post photos. Thanks to those who have already done so! It is great!
E-mail: LaChere has your e-mail address if you listed it on your form at registration. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please write down your e-mail address and give it to LaChere.
Our Blog is The newsletter can be accessed from this site.
Text! Texting is a quick way to distribute important information, especially during competitions when we are all spread out over the place! If you did not list your cell # and would like to receive text, give your # to LaChere.
T-shirt update:

Most of the t-shirts are in. If you have not picked up your t-shirt…please do so today.

The following shirts are not in yet: Emily Wright, Alyssa Smith, Madison Lawrence, Ethan Henderson, Abby Satterfield, Madysen Thomas. Thanks for your patience. We expect them any day. J

Account information:

If you have any questions please give us a call.

(238-8145) Thanks again for your support!

Randy and LaChere Vawdrey