Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updated Christmas Performance Schedule

Christmas Performance at the Mall

North Side infront of old Dillards

-Meet @ 9:15 am Show Starts at 10 am

1. New Force-“Robot”-wigs

2. Stompers-“Boom Boom Pow”-Silver, Black and Red Shirts

3. Champ Solos (all Solos-cut together)

4. Boys-Novice Line Solo-Ethan, Wade, Payson, Jake, Jaxon

5. Alicia’s and Jackie’s Int. Solos -Line Solo

Alex Orr, Rachel Brown, Michaela/Payden Hendricks, Shelby Killian, Kade Packer, Madison Lawrence, Kali Giesbrecht, Ryann Henderson, Rachael Bennett, Kelsey Van Buren, Keisha Duncan

6. Super Stars-“ Party in the USA”-Frog Shirts

7. Mallori and Hollin “In the Navy”

8. Mighty Mites-“Tonight”-Pink w/yellow sleeves

9. Intensity-Alicia’s Comp “Best Years of our Lives”-Black and White Shirts-Bethany Adams, Madyson Thomas, Rachael Bennett, Keisha Duncan

10. Jill and Linds “Let’s Dance”

11. Ultimate Dance Force-“Tap Dogs”-Silver and Teal”

12. Jackie’s 6:00 Class Beg Solos (Show &Traditional-Cut Together)-T-Shirts

Weston Sisters, Clay Sisters, Rilee Moser, Maren Stirling, Rachel Carter, Emily Van Buren, Madeline Schow, Maomi Taylor, Kristen Taysom

13. Jackie’s 4:30 Class (Beg line & Show Cut together)-T Shirts

Dredge Sisters, Maggie Moser, Abbie Muhonen,Biorn Sisters, Sadie Stirling, Josie Wright, Ryann Henderson, Kimmie McNabb, Shayla Satterfield

14. Powerhouse-“Jailhouse” Pink and White Striped

15. Alicia’s Tots –“Stanley” –T-Shirts

Bell sisters, Kaylee McMinn, Halle Richards, Ava Hendricks, Abby Satterfield, Ellie Leavitt, Isabel Orr, Laura Harmon, Riley Weston

16. Advanced Solos (All Solos cut together)

17. Alicia’s Rec Team “Best Years of our Lives”-T-shirts Anna Geurts, Kelsey Van Buren, Courtney Lemon, Krystiane Sant

18. All stars-Stop the Music-Tie Dye-Vinyl Black Pants

19. Kimmie’s Beg. Solos-Show and Percussion-Anna Geurts, Kelsey Van Buren, Courtney Lemon, Krystiane Sant, Anisa Satterfield, Brooke McMinn, Taryn McMinn, Nicolette Lothspeich, Emma Watts, Whitney Brown, Shelby Adams

20. Elite-Precision-Orange Shirts

21. Hot Stuff-Hot Honey Rag-20’s

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