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February Newsletter

OK FAB FAMILIES! This is a big one. Please read through it so that you know what is going on with LaChere's Fab 5 Studio. Picture details and hair pieces are some of the things we want to make sure you have the information on. Please send us a reply letting us know you received this Newsletter. Remember....Details Meeting today, and today is the last day for the costume buy and sell! Thanks so much!LaChere
February 2010
Remember:Tuition is due today to receive the Early Bird Rate.
If you pay the first class of the month you will receive the Early Bird rate. If you pay after the first week of the month, please add an additional $5 to your tuition. Reminder-Make checks payable to LaChere Vawdrey, not the Gateway Foundation.
Dance Calendar
1. Thurs Feb. 4th Details meeting- NEW SCHEDULE See schedule below
2. Thurs. Feb. 4th Last day for the Costume Buy & Sell
3. Sat. Feb. 20th DANCE PICTURES
4. Sat. Feb. 20th EXTRA PRACTICE
5. March 5th-6th Thanksgiving Point Competition
(if you are involved in music festival at ISU you might want to see if your music teacher can schedule you to do the “make-up” festival so you won’t have to miss anything-that is what our family is doing.)
6. March 25th No Classes-Spring Break
7. April 9th-10th Idaho State Championships-Stephens Performing Arts Center
8. Mon. May 10th- recital @ Century HS
9. May 21st-22nd –Nationals at Lagoon
IMPORTANT: Please Read
1. The dates on the calendar are very important. All dancers (except Rec classes, boys and tots) are expected to attend. Please plan accordingly. Please keep both Fri. and Sat. of competition dates available. As soon as I get a tentative schedule, I will pass the information along.
2. The extra practices help us polish up for competition. Please make it a priority to come to the scheduled extra classes! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! WE APPRECIATE YOU!
The Gateway Foundation Reminders
1. No Food or Drink in the studios. You may eat in the foyer/entrance. Remember to clean up after yourselves.
2. No running around in the hallways and dance studios.
3. The hallways aren’t heated. On these brutally cold days, keep the studio room doors shut so they will stay warm.
4. Please remember to take your stuff home with you and throw away any garbage that you may see.
5. Try to stay away from the mirrors.
6. Don’t play on the gymnastic mats.
EMAILS!-PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE RECEIVING THE EMAILS. Some people are getting them and the next week they don’t. We want to make sure everyone is receiving the emails. Therefore we asked everyone to send us a confirmation email after receiving the info.
Thurs Feb 4th Details Meeting-
Please plan to attend. This helps us answer questions and relay important information. Thanks so much!
Details Meeting Schedule
Super Stars (Party USA) 5:00-5:15
Jackie’s 4;30 Rec Class 5:15-5:25
Stompers (Boom Boom) 5:35-5:45
Jackie’s Boys & Alicia’s Tots 5:45-5:55
Mighty Mites (Tonight) 5:45-5:55
Hot Stuff (20’s) 6:20-6:30
Alicia’s Intensity/ Rec Class 6:35-6:45
Jackie’s 6:00 Rec Class 6:35-6:45
Allstars and Powerhouse 7:05-7:15
Elite, UDF 8:20-8:30
If you have more than one child or your child is in more than one class, pick a time that would be best for you to attend.
This is the last week to take advantage of great prices for freestyle/solo/duet costumes.

ORDERING HAIRPIEICES: We would like to see if we have enough people interested to order hairpieces again. We are going to try a different company this year. We will need a minimum of 15 hairpiece to place the order. They will be somewhere between $20-$25 depending on how many orders we make. If you are interested, please email us before Thurs. Feb. 11th or let Stephanie Munns know in your Details Meeting.

ATTENTION RECREATIONAL STUDENTS: If you would like to compete at the competition here in town (Idaho State Championships), please let your teacher know you would like to compete, then email LaChere, or let Stephanie Munns know in your Details Meeting so she can get you the registration information.

Mighty Mites-“Tonight”-Thurs. 4:00
Super Stars-“Party in the USA”-4:30
Stompers-“Boom Boom” –Thurs. 5:00

Sat. Feb. 20th PRACTICE/PICTURE SCHEDULE-Come Performance Ready for Pictures
LaChere's Practice Schedule
Jackie's Practice Schedule
Alicia's Practice Schedule
Theater for Pictures
8:00 am Robot

9:00 am Robot

9:15 am Robot

9:30 am Robot

9:30 Party In the USA
9:45 am Robot

9:45 am Boom Boom Pow
10:00 am Tap Dogs

10:00 am Duets/Individuals
10:15 am Tap Dogs

10:15 am Duets/Individuals
10:30 am Tap Dogs

10:30 am Mighty Mites Tonight
10:45 am Tap Dogs

10:45 am Int Intensity (New Thurs. 7:00)
11:00 am Hot Stuff 20's

11:00 amTots
11:15 am Hot Stuff 20's

11:15 am Tap dogs
11:30 am Hot Stuff 20's

11:30 am Boys
11:45 am Hot Stuff 20's
11:45 Int. Intensity Class (New Thurs. 7:00)
11:45 Tots/Boys Combined
11:45 am 4:30 and 6:00 Rec Class
12:00 PM
12:00 PM
12:00 PM
12:00 pm Beg. Intensity Class (Thurs. 6:00)
12:15 PM
12:15 PM
12:15 Duets/Individauls for Robot/Tap Dogs
12:30 PM
12:30 Beg Rec Classes combined
12:30 Beg Intensity Class
12:30 Hot Stuff 20's
ATTENTION RECREATIONAL STUDENTS: If you would like to compete at the competition here in town (Idaho State Championships), please let your teacher know you would like to compete, then email LaChere, or let Stephanie Munns know in your Details Meeting so she can get you the registration information.

1. Please encourage your child to practice every day.
2. Many families video tape their child’s class. This is a great practicing tool.

Attendance Policy
1. Please be prompt to dance. We have a lot to accomplish and need you in class, on time.
2. If you have to miss class, please notify your teacher and do one of the following:
Ø Get with a fellow class mate & learn what you missed before the next class.
Ø Schedule a private lesson.
Ø Video tape what you missed & practice


Tentative Schedule for Thanksgiving Point
Fri. March 5th Pro 4:00 pm (Hot Stuff, Elite)
Fri. March 5th Champ8:00 pm (Allstars, Powerhouse)
Sat. March 6th Some Champ 8:30 am
Sat. March 6th Novice 9:30 am
Sat. March 6th Beginning 11:30 am (Mighty Mites)
Sat. March 6th Intermediate 1:30 pm (Super Stars)
Sat. March 6 Advanced 5:00 pm. (Stompers)
All dancers involved in the Championship categories (Allstars, Hot Stuff, Tap Dogs, Etc….) will need to be to this competition both Friday and Saturday. Please plan accordingly.
Hampton Inn Lehi, UtRooms for $79/night
3576 North Maple Loop, Lehi –(801) 766-1186

Tentative Schedule For Idaho State Championships:
Fri. April 9th Beg 3:30 pm
Fri. April 9th Int. 3:30 pm .(Possible)
Fri. April 9th Nov. 4:30 pm
Sat. April 10th Int:1200 pm (Possible)
Sat. April 10th Adv. 1:00 pm
Sat. April 10th Pro 2:00 pm
Sat. April 10th Champ 4:00 pm

HAMPTON INN INFO FOR NATIONALS: LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio has blocked out 25 rooms for Nationals at the Layton Hampton Inn located at 1700 N. Woodland Park Drive, Layton, Utah 84041. 801-775-8800 @ $89/night. Make sure to ask for the block of rooms under our studio name to get the discount. They are being held on a first come first serve basis. Our block of rooms will be released to the public on May 1st.

Freestyle and Solos
· All Beg, Int, Adv, and Champ class members will be asked to do solos and freestyle (and/or Short Duet, Acapella) at all three competitions.
· Your teacher will be helping you work on your freestyle in class. Practice hard and good luck!
Freestyle and Solo Costumes
· Do not wear your team costume for freestyle or solos. You may wear your pants, but pick a different shirt to wear (Check out the Buy and Sell on Thurs. Jan 28th ).
Freestyle Requirements
1.40 counts of step work (five-8 count steps)
2.Smile and showmanship
3.Great sounds
4.Stay on beat
5.High legs and power
Short Duet Costume
· The costuming rule has changed. You now may wear a costume and match, but it isn’t required. Please do not use team costumes for this event. Again, you may wear your pants, but please pick a different shirt to wear (same as above (Check out the Buy and Sell on Thurs. Jan 28th ).
Short Duet Requirements
1.48 counts of step work
2.Dance with your partner
3.Couple work is optional
5.High legs and power
6.Stay together as a couple
7.Stay on Beat
8.Smile and have fun
If you are interested in one of the following events, please talk to me about the requirements: Acapella, Acapella Duets, Duets

If you do not know your solos, come to the review class taught by Alicia at 7:00. Step Review at 7:15 will start to become freestyle time.

1. We have a Facebook page! If you are on Facebook and are not already a member of the LFFS page, enter LaChere’s Fab 5 Studio in the search box and request to be a member. Feel free to ask questions and post photos. Thanks to those who have already done so! It is great!
2.E-mail: LaChere has your e-mail address if you listed it on your form at registration. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please write down your e-mail address and give it to LaChere.
3.Our Blog is The newsletter can be accessed from this site.
4.Text! Texting is a quick way to distribute important information, especially during competitions when we are all spread out over the place! If you did not list your cell # and would like to receive text, give your # to LaChere.
Thanks again for your support! If you have any questions, please give us a call. Randy and LaChere (238-8145

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